CHS1800 hybrid transmission case

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Suitable for 1.5-2.4L engine displacement, torque<1800Nm;

Sea lions can be applied, the hybrid bus 6.6 meters of pure electric vehicles

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CHS hybrid transmission case technical innovations:

1, after years of painstaking research and development, CHS is a dual planetary gear train oil-cooled four-axis dual-motor hybrid system, and the efficient operation of the engine control, integrated and efficient motor control, battery life estimation and optimization control, vehicle energy management and coordination of the torque control technology, the formation of a new hybrid system with complete independent intellectual property rights, and completed the reliability, durability assessment;

2, won four international patents (covering Europe, America, Japan and other major developed countries), 97 national patents, including 52 invention patents;

3, November 2015, CHS car hybrid system by the national science and technology achievement appraisal. After testing, Geely Dorsett hybrid electric vehicles, only one hundred kilometers 4.9L, V vehicle emissions to meet national standards, this is the case with conventional engines to achieve, as the engine upgrades and system optimization, CHS will continue to reduce fuel consumption in the future to 4L level. Appraisal committee of experts agreed that the overall outcome of the technology has reached the international advanced level, with the same type of international advanced technology is relatively more suitable for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. This has important implications for the breakthrough of China's automotive hybrid system core technology.

4, CHS technical route has a natural hybrid and plug-in hybrid platform of symbiosis. It satisfies both want hybrid car prices, but also want to plug-in hybrid will, and he is plugged in the true sense of strong mixing.

5, the core of the system is an electronically controlled continuously variable transmission (E-CVT), the world's first single-mode input, you can enter single-mode, hybrid shunt;

6, dual-motor-based La Weina synthetic compound planetary gear box power integrated powertrain system design technology;

7, dual-motor-based La Weina compound planetary gear box power synthetic cooling and lubrication system design;

8, dual-motor-based La Weina complex planetary gear box CVT control power synthesis technology;

9, dual-motor-based La Weina compound planetary gear box power synthesis of dynamic equilibrium torque control technology.