Triple Controller

Product detail

Triple Controller: The controller triple short INV2CON, APU (Auxilary Power Unit), also known as the auxiliary power supply controller is an integral electric buses electric accessories, features include a DCDC (CONverter) and two inverters (iNVerter). DCDC the high-voltage vehicle high-voltage battery pack is converted to low voltage and low voltage systems for low-voltage control system to work. Two inverters respectively drive two motors, hydraulic power steering and braking systems provide power source.

Functions and features:

 products using the current international leading technology synchronous speed sensorless vector control technology and torque control technology, not only has the international high-end drive with the same excellent control performance, but also with China's application characteristics, to further strengthen the reliability of the product adaptability and customized and industrialized design and the environment, to better meet the needs of various transmission applications;

 loaded with maximum efficiency up to 95%;

 all-digital control, with diagnostic capabilities, scalable digital CAN communication control;

 over-temperature, short circuit, over-current protection function.

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